zac farm erp

  • Benefits-

    1. Record Spray, Irrigation, Water Planting, Block Inputs, Harvest and virtually any task that
    is performed during production.

    2. Costs are automatically allocated to each Block/Crop/Plot and area.
    3. Automatically maintain traceability of materials used during production & automatic
    inventory control.
    4. Perform production cost analysis for each block.
    5. Visual display allows annual, monthly, weekly and daily views of production tasks filtered by selected farm site, block or crop.

    zacFarmERP provides easy to use, software solutions for Farm management for farmers of all kind. The powerful zacFarmERP suite makes every day business activities easier and profitable, allowing you to maintain higher quality, staff performance, cost control and traceability levels. The solution is available in two flavors:  one for small to medium and another for large businesses.

    Projections & Scheduling -

    For each produce type and each season, Farmers can setup standard Production Program which may include any number of tasks and suggested dates, durations, materials and labor and how they should be undertaken according to the age of crop, example: for a Rice in rainy season.

    Budgeting -

    Used in conjunction with the Scheduling module, the Budgeting module allows the creation of budgets that detail all of the labor, materials, quantities and dates required for the entire production season on a block by block basis. This allows management to better plan financial resources, and production management can co-ordinate materials and labor requirements. During production, various levels of management can continually compare “estimated” with “actual” consumption for the cost of materials, and labor.